Documenting the Cultural Landscape

The J.B. Jackson and Chester Liebs Collections
Curators: Audra Bellmore, Erin Fussell and Katelyn Bladel

Documenting the Cultural Landscape
NEBA Roast Beef Sandwiches and Mike’s Submarines, Latham, New York, Chester Liebs, 1982. Courtesy of Chester H. Liebs Papers, MSS 843 BC 843-0067, Center for Southwest Research, UNM.

The Center for Southwest Research, University Libraries, University of New Mexico is the repository for two important collections documenting U.S. cultural landscapes. The John Brinkerhoff Jackson Papers and Pictorial Collection highlights the work of the internationally celebrated scholar and landscape historian. The Chester H. Liebs Papers and Pictorial Collections highlights the work of an early leader and educator in the U.S. historic preservation movement. Together these two collections form the core of an effort on the part of the CSWR to collect materials documenting the vernacular landscape, particularly through photography.

Photos: Sonia Keravel