Sessions du colloque

Université du Nouveau-Mexique, Albuquerque, États-Unis
15-17 octobre 2015
Programme détaillé du colloque

Infos Albuquerque

Frédéric Pousin
Chris Wilson

Session 1: Cultural Landscape Photography
Timothy Davis, “Visualizing Vernacular Landscapes.”
Monique Sicard, “Bernard Plossu’s Landscapes and New Mexico: in Favor of a Genesis of Photography.”

Session 2: The Interrelation of J. B. Jackson’s Photography and Landscape Theory
Paul Groth, “J. B. Jackson’s Slides: Landscape Categories for Thinking and Learning.”
Jordi Ballesta, “J. B. Jackson: Field Research and Amateur Photographic Practices.”

Session 3: The Aesthetic Predilections and Visual Narratives of J. B. Jackson
Helen L. Horowitz, “The Discerning Eye behind J. B. Jackson’s Camera.”
Bruno Notteboom, “‘Landscape is a Rich and Beautiful Book, We Have but to Learn to Read It : J. B. Jackson’s Visual and Textual Discourse in the Journal Landscape.”

Session 4: Contemporary Landscape Interpretation
Frédéric Pousin, “A Renewed Photographic Observatory for Exploring the Metropolitan Territory of Marseille.”
Matthew Coolidge, “Anthropogeomorphology is Everywhere: Projects of the Center for Land Use Interpretation.”

Session 5: Inhabited and Natural Landscapes
Miguel Gandert, “Space, Time and Photography: The Influences of Edward T. Hall and J. B. Jackson.”
Sabine Delcour, “How to Belong to a Place?”

SESSION 6: Photography and the Practice of Landscape Architecture
Laurie Olin, “Seeing is Believing/Looks are Deceiving: Postwar Landscape Architecture Practice and Photography.”
Marie-Madeleine Ozdoba, “Rendering the Site, Rendering the Project: Uses of Photography in the Landscape Architecture Practices of Agence Ter and Bureau Bas Smets.”

Session 7: Vernacular in Place: Old and New Topographics
Lin Chi-Ming, “New Topographics: Historical Points of View.”

Session 8: Photography, Art, and the Politics of Landscape
Raphaële Bertho, “From the American Survey to the French Mission, What Photographic Landscape Policy?”
Lucy Lippard, “Looking, Then Seeing: Critical Landscape Photography in the Changing West.”

Session 9: Concluding Comments and Discussion
Chris Wilson
Frédéric Pousin

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Photos: Sonia Keravel